[NOW AVAILABLE] Paul Penders Skincare, 100% Natural, Organic and Halal

[NOW AVAILABLE] Paul Penders Skincare, 100% Natural, Organic and Halal
Natural and organic skincare

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Biskut Raya 2016

Assalamualaikum semua,

Salam Ramadhan to all our visitor and loyal customers. For the 1st time ever, this Raya we also sell cookies specially to you. We have pick and selected on the finest cookies for you. 100% GUARANTEE delicious and addicted.

We do have COD around Hulu langat, Cyberjaya, Dengkil, Seri Kembangan, Putrajaya and area near by. Pls PM 019-6518420.

All stock are available from NOW till 30 June 2016. We would like to advise all our customers, for large order,  appreciate to PM (019-6518420) latest by 10 June 2016 (Friday) to avoid stock shortage.

 List of selected HARI RAYA cookies:

  1. Bangkit Cheese, RM25 (40-45 pcs)
  2. Bangkit Original, RM20 (45-55pcs)
  3. Classic crunchy cornflex, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  4. Japanese cotton, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  5. African volcano, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  6. Almond slice, RM25
Bangkit Cheese, RM25 (40-45 pcs)
Modern taste of bangkit original. Taste of coconut milk mixed with shredded cheese.. SUPER ADDICTIVE!! 

Bangkit Original, RM20 (45-55pcs)
Taste of original coconut milk, crunchy when bite but melted in your mouth...CAN'T RESIST IT!!

Classic crunchy cornflex, RM30 (45-50pcs)
Classic taste of cornflex cookies. Very crunchy and a lot of cornflex in every bite.. LOVE THIS!!  

Japanese cotton, RM30 (45-50pcs)
Healthy version of makmur, no nut and aising sugar inside and coated outside. The texture is soft and melted in your mouth. RECOMMENDED for those who like plain and less sweet cookies.

African volcano, RM30 (45-50pcs)
Chocolate cookies with crunchy marshmallow inside. To compliment, a bit of sprinkle of almond outside...COMPLETELY DIFFERENCE!!
Almond slice, RM25
Almost the same as biscotti, just that the slice is very thin and crunchy. Less sweet and a lot of almond in every bite of the slice.

  1. Bangkit Cheese, RM25 (40-45 pcs)

  1. Bangkit Original, RM20 (45-55pcs)

  1. Classic crunchy cornflex, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  1. Japanese cotton, RM30 (45-50pcs)

  1. African volcano, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  1. Almond slice, RM25

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Buy chocolate online. [Latest update February 2015]

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone,

It has been a while since my last update in the blog. My apologies to all readers. Alhamdulillah, today i have some time to update the blog. Most of my past posts almost sold out and out of stock. Actually, my business is still on, is just that most of the time they will contact me directly to confirm the stock.

Since today im here, i would like to update on the list of item that still available:

Available items for sell:

1. Chocolates.... chocolates and more chocolates
2. Organic skincare, haircare, cosmetic and baby care
3. Kain pelikat (Brand gajah duduk)
4. Kain batik (Assorted brand)
5. Ladies sleepwear (Baju batik)

1. Chocolates

For all Chocolate fan out there, here are the list of chocolates  available

  1. Whittakers slab, 150gm --RM23
    1. Almond
    2. Milk chocolate
    3. Berry and biscuit
    4. Peanut
  2. Whittakers block, 150gm --RM23
  3. Brookside chocolate (dark chocolate) --RM24
    1. Pamogranate
    2. Acai and blue berry
    3. Rasberry
  4. Pepero Chocolate stick, 500gm --RM26
    1. Almond
    2. White chocolate
  5. Hershey Kisse, 300++gm --RM22
    1. Milk chocolate
    2. Almond
    3. Dark chocolate
  6. Ritter sport, 100gm --RM7
    1. strawberry yogurt
    2. Cornflake
    3. Yogurt
    4. Almond
  7. Nestle favorite minis, 500gm --RM39
    1. Assorted
    2. Sneakers
    3. Bounty
    4. Mars
  8. Hanuta mini, 200gm -- RM28
  9. GB nougat (crunchy), 100gm --RM19
    1. Almond
    2. Appricot
    3. Green tea
    4. Original 
  10. Belgium bar, 100gm --RM 12
  11. Belgium mini bars, 160gm --RM19
  12. Kinder country --rm19
  13. Kinder shocobon --rm29
  14. After Eight, 400gm --RM49
  15. Loacker Quadratini,  220gm -- RM 15
    1. Chocolate
    2. Dark chocolate
    3. Vanilla
    4. Cappucino
  16. Loacker Gardena Fingers, 125gm --RM18
  17. Daim, 300gm --RM37
  18. Frey Chocolate, 100gm ---RM16
  19. Merci Petits,125gm --RM16
    1. Coffee and cream
    2. Almond
    3. Edel nougat
    4. milk chocolate
2. Paul Penders

Basically organic and natural product for skincare, haircare, cosmetic and baby care. If you interested to try just inform the bloggers that you are hannascloset customer to redeem 1st time customer price :D. For more detail of the product please visit

I guess till here im updating my latest update. if you have any concern or enquire regarding our product just call or msg me at 019-6518420.


Saturday, March 1, 2014



Promotion period: 1 March 2014 - 15 March 2014 

Hye ya all,

Great news!! We are happily to give away FREE 1 SLIMMING SOAP for 20 first customers who purchase 2 bottles of DR JOHNSON SLIMMING LOTION.

What more!!

You get to buy DR JOHNSON SLIMMING LOTION for only RM20 for the 3rd bottles onward.

FREE POSTAGE within Peninsular Malaysia only

Please sms/watsapp: 0196518420  OR

DR JOHNSON SLIMMING LOTION for only RM20 for the 3rd bottles onward.

FREE 1 SLIMMING SOAP for 20 first customers who purchase 2 bottles of DR JOHNSON SLIMMING LOTION.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Paul Penders Natural, Organic and Halal Skincare


Anna David _ Paul Penders Denmark Ambassador

Pada bulan March ini, kami akan melancarkan produk kecantikan daripada Paul Penders International. Maka kami ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk memperkenalkan produk 100% semula jadi dan organic untuk semua jenis kulit.

BERMINAT ?? sila emailkan kepada butiran lanjut penyertaan

Keistimewaan Paul Penders produk ialah setiap produk Paul Penders mengandungi "Essence of Life" atau LevensESSENTIE Gold®yang diformulasikan selama 100 tahun oleh moyang Pender yang berasal dari Holand.

Kenapa perlu cuba?

1. LevensESSENTIE Gold® adalah ekstrak pati daripada 22 jenis herba organic yang telah disahkan.
2. Menggunakan Pegaga bertindak sebagai anti-bakteria, agen penyembuh, awet muda, mengurangkan dan . kelesuan. Penggunaannya boleh mengembalikan seri tona muka dan kelihatan lebih segar.
3. Semua produk Paul Penders menggunakan air kelapa mengantikan air biasa yang bertindak menambah, mengembali, melembab dan melembutkan kulit.
4. Enzim yang mengandungi anti-oksida, vitamin dan minaral.Ia membantu mengurangkan kedut, pengunaan yang berterusan boleh meratakan texture kulit dan mengecilkan pore.
5.Ceremides and liposomes. Ceremides untuk meningkatkan kelembapan dalam kulit dan Liposome membantu penyerapan produk kedalam dalam dermis kulit. Apabila enzim dan liposome bertidak balas, ia akan menutup pore untuk mengelakkan 'white-heads' dan 'black-heads'

Friday, February 14, 2014

More chocolate


Toblerone chocolate bar a Swiss bar from Switzerland. It consists of several types and flavor. Toblerone have a unique shape and the first chocolate to produce in this triangle shape. Because of the delicious and extinguish taste, this Toblerone has been in the market since 1990's. 

Toblerone CRUNCHY ALMOND, 1x100gm = RM7.00
Toblerone CRUNCHY ALMOND, 6x100gm = RM28.00

Rupa Toblerone Crunchy Almond size 100gm.
Bungkusan biasanya dengan kotak

Hanuta Mini, 200gm

Hanuta mini = RM28 (postage not included)

Hanuta is a German sweet by Ferrero consisting of hazelnuts and chocolate sandwiched between two wafers.Ferrerro's Hanuta Chocolate Hazelnut Candy Wafers come in mini pack of wafers. Estimate around 18 pck. The candy is better known as a hazelnut sandwich with a thick layer of hazelnut chocolate with tiny chunks of hazelnut throughout and in between two crispy chocolate wafers. 

Weight: 200+gm

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Merci Chocolate

Merci is chocolate brand manufacturing by August Storck KG since 1988
Originate from German. Merci means 'Thank you' in German.

Merci Crocant, RM30 [SOLD OUT]
Each Merci crocant filled with crunchy hazelnut and cream crocant with almond in the centre.

Merci Finest Selection, RM24
Each box consist of 20 pieces

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whittakers chocolate

Whittaker's chocolate since 1896
Original from New Zealand.

Macam mana nak order Whittaker's di Malaysia?

Senang je, boleh email or watsapp: 0196518420

Whittaker's BAR /Whittaker's SLAB chocolate
Each pack consists of 3 bars

WHS01 - Whittaker's Roasted ALMOND GOLD, RM23

WHS02 - Whittaker's Roasted COCONUT SLAB, RM23

WHA03 - Whittaker's Bittersweet PEANUT SLAB, RM23

Whittaker's 12 minis bar
Each pack consist of 12 mini bars of delicious whittaker's.


WHM02 - Whittaker's Roasted Coconut Slab, RM26 [AVAILABLE]

WHM03 - Whittaker's Creamy Milk Mini, RM26 [AVAILABLE]

WHM04 - Whittaker's Dark Peppermint, RM26

Price above is not including postage. Postage rate is shown below:
500gm - RM6.00,
Next 250gm - RM1.50
Max: 2.5kg
Next 500gm - RM3.00

Whittaker's BAR [blok]

RM24.00 each (Postage not included)
Weight: 250+gm

Flavor available is Almond gold, fruit & nut, Ghana Peppermint, Dark Ghana, Peanut butter & Dark Almond.

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