[NOW AVAILABLE] Paul Penders Skincare, 100% Natural, Organic and Halal

[NOW AVAILABLE] Paul Penders Skincare, 100% Natural, Organic and Halal
Natural and organic skincare

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Biskut Raya 2016

Assalamualaikum semua,

Salam Ramadhan to all our visitor and loyal customers. For the 1st time ever, this Raya we also sell cookies specially to you. We have pick and selected on the finest cookies for you. 100% GUARANTEE delicious and addicted.

We do have COD around Hulu langat, Cyberjaya, Dengkil, Seri Kembangan, Putrajaya and area near by. Pls PM 019-6518420.

All stock are available from NOW till 30 June 2016. We would like to advise all our customers, for large order,  appreciate to PM (019-6518420) latest by 10 June 2016 (Friday) to avoid stock shortage.

 List of selected HARI RAYA cookies:

  1. Bangkit Cheese, RM25 (40-45 pcs)
  2. Bangkit Original, RM20 (45-55pcs)
  3. Classic crunchy cornflex, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  4. Japanese cotton, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  5. African volcano, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  6. Almond slice, RM25
Bangkit Cheese, RM25 (40-45 pcs)
Modern taste of bangkit original. Taste of coconut milk mixed with shredded cheese.. SUPER ADDICTIVE!! 

Bangkit Original, RM20 (45-55pcs)
Taste of original coconut milk, crunchy when bite but melted in your mouth...CAN'T RESIST IT!!

Classic crunchy cornflex, RM30 (45-50pcs)
Classic taste of cornflex cookies. Very crunchy and a lot of cornflex in every bite.. LOVE THIS!!  

Japanese cotton, RM30 (45-50pcs)
Healthy version of makmur, no nut and aising sugar inside and coated outside. The texture is soft and melted in your mouth. RECOMMENDED for those who like plain and less sweet cookies.

African volcano, RM30 (45-50pcs)
Chocolate cookies with crunchy marshmallow inside. To compliment, a bit of sprinkle of almond outside...COMPLETELY DIFFERENCE!!
Almond slice, RM25
Almost the same as biscotti, just that the slice is very thin and crunchy. Less sweet and a lot of almond in every bite of the slice.

  1. Bangkit Cheese, RM25 (40-45 pcs)

  1. Bangkit Original, RM20 (45-55pcs)

  1. Classic crunchy cornflex, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  1. Japanese cotton, RM30 (45-50pcs)

  1. African volcano, RM30 (45-50pcs)
  1. Almond slice, RM25


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