[NOW AVAILABLE] Paul Penders Skincare, 100% Natural, Organic and Halal

[NOW AVAILABLE] Paul Penders Skincare, 100% Natural, Organic and Halal
Natural and organic skincare

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher T3

A box of ferrero rocher T3X16

Price for each pack of T3 is RM3.50 (exclude postage).


 [SOLD OUT !!]

Quaker presenting yummy oat cookies for everyone. Even those who don't eat oat will think twice to resist this delicious cookies. Quaker has invented 2 different flavors chocolate chip and raisin. The cookies can be enjoy by it self. It is healthy and most importantly no artificial flavors added. It all original!!! So what are you waiting for, come and grab this limited cookies now.  

Packaging and made for import only [LIMITED]

1. Quaker oat cookies with chocolate chip, 108gm
2. Nutrition info for Quaker oat cookies with chocolate chip

3. Quaker oat cookies with raisin, 108gm
4. Nutrition info for Quaker oat cookies with raisin

Weight: 108gm per pack
Price: RM7 RM6 (postage excluded)

Elvan chocolate

 [SOLD OUT !!]

The chocolate is manufactured by ELVAN FOOD IND CO in Turkey. It starts with pastry shop then move to chocolate and wafer industry. This company has involved in the business since 1952. Thus, they bring the best and quality chocolate in and outside the country.

Description: It is a compound milk chocolate with extra hazelnut filling

Elvan with extra hazelnut, 500gm
Weight: 500gm
RM25 RM20 (exclude postage)

Description: It is a compound milk chocolate with crispy rice and coconut cream filling

Elvan Truffle Coconut, 500gm
Weight: 500gm
RM25 RM20 (exclude postage)

Imported from Turkey

Alfredo Tiramisu Chocolate

 [SOLD OUT !!]

Another Malaysia product on chocolate. Same as beryl's tiramisu almond white chocolate.

Alfredo tiramisu almond white chocolate

Weight: 180gm
Price: RM20 RM18 (exclude postage)

Beryl's tiramisu

 [SOLD OUT !!]

This chocolate covered with white tiramisu chocolate and cocoa powder. In it fill with crunchy roasted almond. The chocolate is produce by our local and the packaging is specially made for export through out the country. Malaysia go!!

Beryl's Almond White Chocolate
Price: RM20  RM18 (exclude postage)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chocolate Pepero

Chocolate Pepero by LOTTE.
from left: Perero nude, Perero almond and Perero original

Pepero is a biscuit stick covered or filled with chocolate as well as other sweets and nuts such as chocolate and/or crushed almonds. This snack is so popular in Korea and Malaysia. 

Here we sell 3 type of pepero: 
  1. almond (Biscuit stick cover with rich milk chocolate and roasted almond)
  2. original (Biscuit stick cover with rich milk chocolate)
  3. nude (Biscuit stick fill in with rich milk chocolate)

Biscuit stick covered with chocolate and almond crush on the out side. Yummy taste and crunchiness of almond surely irresistible. 

Pepero Almond
Pepero Original  [SOLD OUT !!]
Biscuit stick covered with chocolate on the outside. Same version of pepero almond just this is without almond. Classic and simple stick to enjoy :) !

Pepero original

Pepero Nude: [SOLD OUT !!]
Biscuit stick filled with chocolate in the center. Very delicious and EASY to eact. Suitable for all ages even for kids because the chocolate is inside!! . You can even decorate it with icing and candy  for birthday party or gift.

Pepero Nude

Each box (small box X 8) is only RM26.00 (exclude postage). 


To order:

  1. Confirm number of box and flavor and SMS: 019618420
  2. SMS to confirm postage rate 
  3. If agreed, we will sent acc number (cimb / m2u) for payment
  4. Once payment done, provide us name, contact and address for postage.
  5. Item sent. Done.
The weight of 1 box is around 490+gm. After wrapping, it will goes to 500+gm.

Thus, normally for 1 box of pepero rm26 and postage rm7.50 will be RM33.50

Postage rate:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mistine BB Oil Control

Mistine BB Oil Control Mousse

The latest BB Mousse from Korea give the soft touch like silk. The texture of the cream is light, powdery and non sticky which keeps the skin look dry comfortable. This formula is combination of Light and Smooth Powder Technology which give your skin soft feeling. Just apply small amount of cream will give you beautiful and smooth skin.

Compare to mistine bb pink and mistine bb gold which is more moist.  Mistine bb oil control suitable all skin but recommended for oily skin and outdoor person. It also help skin coverage and perfectly oil control. Besides, with SPF 25 PA++ help to protect our skin from UV Protection and act as Sun block. Cool!!

Mistine BB Oil Mousse

RM40 (free postage in Malaysia)
net weight: 15 gm

Others selection click here:

dr johnson slimming gel

Dr. Johnson Anti-Cellulite Gel 150ml/5.0oz. with bonus lotion

 Dr. Johnson 5 Days Natural Essence Gel provides sustained release of natural herbal extracts that help oxygenate skin tissues, help burn fatty acids, tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulitis when used daily!

RM28.00 each

(free postage in Malaysia)
[now available]

ACTIVE FIRMING AND ANTI-CELLULITE INGREDIENTS: Ginkgo extract, black pepper extract, sunflower oil, Vitamin E

FOR BEST FIRMING RESULTS: Massage gently into areas wherever cellulite is prevalent, morning and night. Use the Gel for 5 days and watch the reults!

Let Dr. Johnson help you banish your cellulite, and feel better about your skin!

BONUS: Use the FREE Vitamin C 5000 after-slimming lotion to keep your skin tighter and firmer!

Another product you should try together with this lotion is dr johnson slimming soap 5 days challange! 

Mistine BB Diamond Compact Powder

Mistine Diamond BB Powder is the latest innovation proudly present from Korea acts as Blemish Balm (BB) and Foundation to make you beautiful as a Korean star kawaii. Ultra-fine, smooth and transparent blemish balm powder foundation for smoothing and glowing radiance.
Also protects skin and fights against UVA & UVB rays with SPF 25 PA+++. The fine powder allows make up to adhere more evenly and gives a smooth light reflex for naturally make up in its elegant pink diamond package.
Made from Korea)
RM40 each (free postage).
It is suitable for all skin type. This long wear compact powder stays fresh and gives natural looks. It Oil-control formula absorbs oil even though nonstop activity.

Now coming in with 3 colors:
S1- White skin complexion [available]
S2- Medium skin complexion [available]
S3- Dark skin complexion [available]

Before applying BB compact powder, recommended to wear Mistine BB Wonder Cream for transformation effect. By applying the BB wonder cream our skin become smoother and fairer. For glowing effect you can use Mistine BB Wonder Cream Gold.

Mistine BB Wonder Cream SPF 30, 15gm Made from Korea) =RM40 each (free postage).  

     Mistine BB Gold Wonder Cream SPF 30, 15 gm Made from Korea) =RM40 each (free postage).

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mistine BB Loose Powder

Mistine BB Wonder Loose Powder 
The new loose face powder with soft, fine texture and the quality to make your face appear naturally smooth and radiant with "Crystal Clear Powder" and glittering bright with "Soft Pearl". Now you can show off your radiant, clear skin and a perfect facial in the Korean style.

Mistine BB Wonder Loose Powder
RM40 (Free postage)

Direction: Touch powder with a puff and lightly pat on face after application with Mistine BB base Cream.

Size: Net wt.15 g.

Mistine BB Wonder Cream


What is BB cream?
BB cream is 3 in 1 cream = foundation + moisturizer + sunblock

Mistine BB Wonder cream, 15 gm
Latest innovation from Korea that helps to smoothen, brighten adds natural dimension to your face with transparent cream that will cover up dark sports, discolorations and condition your skin to appear bright, smooth and healthy.
Mistine BB Wonder cream is a makeup base, foundation SPF 30 with whitening and anti-wrinkle affect.
Mistine BB Wonder Cream SPF 30, 15gm ( Made from Korea)
RM40 (free postage).

The texture is light compare to bb gold. It suitable for normal and light wear. If this is your first time, try bb pink then for more coverage can change to bb gold.

Mistine BB Gold Wonder Cream, 15gm
Create a miracle beauty with extra-brightening cream formula, which is the latest innovation in Korea. Highlighted with the best marine nutrients from caviar extract and other valuable substances from intensively selected herbal extracts. The most vitamins emphasized in is Vitamin C and Vitamin P. These two vitamins work synergistically in smoothing and brightening the skin.

Mistine BB Gold Wonder Cream SPF 30, 15gm ( Made from Korea)
RM40 (free postage).


BB gold is more thick texture and more coverage compare to bb pink. When wearing bb gold, the skin will become more fairer and glowing. To touch up, advise to wear with  bb compact powder.

Dr Johnson Slimming Soap

Dr Johnson Slimming soap

This soap was invented and made by the highest quality of materials that especially fit for bio-technological anti-cellulite treatment purpose with its new substances that help to reduce the appearance of cellulite on body.

With consistence application, you can see the result in 5 DAYS!!

This product is suitable for all skin type.

How to use:
Simply massage soap bubble all over the waist thigh and buttock area every morning and night while taking shower.

Dr Johnson Slimming Soap, 70g

Each for RM18 NETT 
(free postage in Malaysia)

Other recommend product to use with this soap for extra result: D are

2.     NUSANTARA hot lotion

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